Alexander headshot

My name is Alexander Michael Reeves (They/He). I am a former foster kid, who is trans* masculine and disabled (autistic, type one diabetic, ADHD and dyspraxia). I have a wonderful and supportive partner and am fortunate enough to call her my fiance, she is there for me and supports me through everything I do. I am also a professional performer (actor/singer), vocal coach, public speaker, advocate, and playwright. I currently teach singing, trans femme, and trans masc vocal lessons with the tru voice lessons studio. Some of my favorite previous acting roles include; Tigger (House at Pooh Corner), Duke (The Great American Trailer Park Musical), and The Emperor (The Emperor’s New Clothes). I have also spoken at several collegiate conferences (Transgender Singing Voice Conference, 2017 and 2019 at Earlham College, College Inclusion Summit, 2019 at Vanderbilt) to advocate for both the Autistic and Transgender communities.


I graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Theatre and a minor in Musical Theatre from Western Kentucky University (2018). During my undergraduate studies I graduated with over 220 credit hours in different areas, including some masters coursework in special education. I studied acting, dance and movement, musical theatre, music theory, vocal and instrumental lessons, autism and inclusion at Western Kentucky University. I worked closely with the department and am a member of the honors theatre fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega. I also worked directly with the Kelly Autism Program at Western Kentucky University as an advocate, mentor and consultant for and with the autistic community.


Currently I teach singing, trans femme, and trans masc vocal lessons with the tru voice lessons studio. I have had several students who are also autistic and I find that it is easier for me to reach them and connect with them than a neurotypical teacher. Pre-pandemic I was a cast member at Walt Disney World, and during the pandemic I have taken part in several virtual acting opportunities including "The Trailblazers Collective" based in NYC, "Heal My Bones'' based in Louisville, Kentucky, and "Godspell" in a nationwide all-trans cabaret.


As an actor, I have spent my time studying how people work, how to have conversations and how to script my conversations. I think that because I am austistic, I am a better actor. I already have to think actively in conversation, I already have to script my words and work on eye contact. These are things that don't come easily to most actors, but I have been doing them my entire life just to fit into the neurotypical world. I am able to understand and connect to people and characters that others may have a hard time "seeing where they come from."


I am excited to continue to advocate for and stand up for the trans, autistic, and disabled communities. I will continue to use my platform to fight for equity and inclusion. I plan on continuing to teach voice, perform and advocate- regardless of where we are, we still have work to do. I am excited for the future.