Why ACE Matters, and Why You Should Use It

There are thousands of talented autistic college students and graduates seeking employment. There are thousands of employers seeking talented people. You, as a postsecondary professional, are a bridge between them.

A college or university wants its alums to succeed, and the career services staff it employs are key to that success--helping students and graduates write resumes, prepare for interviews, identify internships, and discern possible employment opportunities. It is critical to the success of autistic students that you have some understanding of the most common characteristics of autism, especially those characteristics that don’t “fit” well into traditional job search and employment plans. ACE will provide you, a career services professional, with that understanding: tips, tools, strategies and approaches that are proven to make the career preparation process more successful for autistic people.

Working through the modules found here, you will develop an understanding of autism and the unique challenges autistic students and employees face as they enter the workforce. It is an efficient and convenient curriculum designed to help you broaden both your perspective and your skills. Most importantly, it can make a significant difference to the students you serve, and help create a more inclusive and supportive overall campus experience for the many autistic students on your campus.

Thanks for your interest in ACE, and please let us know if you have ideas to improve it.