Autism Career Empowerment

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Our comprehensive curriculum includes thirteen individual lessons/modules that fit into three categories: Foundational Information, Soft Skills and Social Skills, and Job Readiness. These lessons build upon one another, providing users with resources to support their work on all levels.The most beneficial way to move through the curriculum is moving from one section to the next. By completing them in this order, you will receive information that builds upon previously covered content.

Foundational Information

This first section of content targets what we term foundational skills. These lessons provide users with information that lay the foundation for working with neurodiverse students.
  • Introduction to ASD
  • Behavior & Learning
  • Communicating with Individuals with ASD
  • Person Centered Planning

Social Skills & Soft Skills

Social skill deficits are a primary feature of autism spectrum disorders. Although these challenges present themselves differently in each individual, it is important to understand how these deficits may impact a person’s success when seeking and sustaining employment. Our social implications module lays out these considerations.
  • Social Implications
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Networking
  • Self Determination

Job Readiness

These final modules focus on the “nitty gritty” of the career development process. The lessons will equip you with information about how all of these pieces of the career preparation puzzle may look a bit different for neurodiverse students and provide you with tools to help ensure success.
  • Navigating Career Interests
  • Resume Development
  • Portfolio Development
  • Interview Training
  • Setting Up Internships and Job Training
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